• Award Winning Coach Tom Hofman reaches over 800 wins making him one of the 30 winningest coaches in California.

2023 Camp Dates

• June 12 - 16
• June 19 - 23
• June 22 - 30


La Canada High School

“A Winning Tradition”

CIF Champions 1992 & 2011
Rio Hondo League Champions:
1988-98, 2002-08, 2010-12, 2014-2023
CIF Divisional Runner-Up 2007
CIF State Regional Runner-Up 2011
37 consecutive CIF playoff appearances

Points of Instruction

•Ball Handling

Levels of Training

Is this camp right for me?


Are you in elementary school and just starting to play and have never participated in an organized league? Summer basketball camp is the ideal place to begin a career. We’ll get you off to the proper start by teaching you the correct way to execute the fundamentals. This is your first opportunity to learn the techniques that will literally last a lifetime!

Intermediate Players:

If you are already somewhat experienced and have enjoyed playing basketball in your school’s physical education class, we will help make you a better player.You will improve your game, refine your skills, and be a more consistent and dominant player in middle school.

Advanced Players:

If you are already a competitive player who has participated in the local Junior Basketball League or other youth league and your goal is to compete in high school and beyond, we will refine your skills so you can achieve that level.You will learn the intricacies of the game that are not usually taught prior to high school giving you an advantage as you gear up for the possibility of becoming a member of a league or CIF championship team!

Who We Are

Spartan Basketball Camp is located in
La Cañada, California. We are currently on our 36th consecutive camp hosted by award winning coach, Tom Hofman, La Cañada High School’s varsity basketball coach and the camp’s director, who has turned the Spartans into a Southern California basketball power.

Contact Info

If you have any questions or special requests please do not hesitate to contact us.

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